Originally published 17 February 2020
Google Alerts is so simple, it is hardly worth writing about except I’d never heard of them before.  

Go to Google Alerts, type in the keyword you want to keep track of and where you want to look for it i.e. blogs, forums, news sites, YouTube, etc. and then the notice is sent to your email.  However, note that social media is not included.

So I’m going to create a couple and then write a follow up on the results.

My alerts:
Acerra Genealogy
Chiariello Genealogy
Gherardi Genealogy
Calvi, Benevento Genealogy
San Giorgio la Montagna Genealogy

So any new information posted on the internet with these key words should be sent to my email.  My settings are a once a week digest, automatic sources, any region, and only the best results.

UPDATE 21 April 2020
So I ran the Google Alerts for two months and I got no hits for the above alerts.  I set up another alert for genealogist jobs and I’ve been getting regular hits on that so it is working, just no one is posting what I’m looking for.  Still it doesn’t cost me anything so I’ll keep it going and who knows, maybe one day I’ll get a hit.