I’m not going to apologize for not blogging recently, I’ve been busy with the certification portfolio which is coming along nicely. I’m waiting for documents, but hopefully, I’ll have them all by March when I’d like to do the final proofreading and submit them. Deadline 11 June 2022

Meanwhile, I also continue with the Acerra, Italy project. There are now 23,210 individuals in The Town of Acerra, Naples, Italy family tree at Ancestry.com I recently completed Picardi and Piscitelli. Moving on to Pipolo. Don’t think I’m almost done. I have finished all the surnames that begin with E, but then after my family names, I moved on to P. I figure the tree should have about 80,000 names when I’m done.

Today I wanted to share the answer to a question I got yesterday, “Are they the same person?” See the document I created to compare the two men and answer that question. When you are evaluating two individuals on FamilySearch, look at the change history (bad merges and individuals adding unsourced information can make the person unrecognizable from the original entry) and the sources.