As they are expecting more requests than normal during RootsTech (February 28 through March 1, 2024), FamilySearch is recruiting volunteer consultants. I’ve signed up for the late-night shift. If you’re one of those researchers who sits down and gets into the groove late at night, I’ll have slots available from about midnight to 2 a.m. Eastern if you need some advice.

The consultations are 20 minutes so submit a detailed description of your request because those 20 minutes go by very quickly. (I did a consultation to see what it was like. Margaret did a lot of prep work and gave me some good ideas to solve my problem of determining if there were three Jonathan Cones or if some of them were the same man. There wasn’t any time for discussion, Margaret quickly gave me her suggestions while I frantically took notes before giving up and asking if she could send me an email with all her recommendations which she was happy to do.)

FamilySearch does the free consultations year-round, not just during RootsTech.