5 October 2021

As I reported before, I started a genealogy club at the public library. I came prepared with some items to discuss and then I went with the flow. I’d recently read about the International Classification of Diseases in The New England Historical Genealogical Society’s magazine, American Ancestors. I looked at some of the death records in my collection and sure enough, there were codes but when I looked them up, they matched the cause of death descriptions the doctors had provided. So it would be useful if I couldn’t make out the cause of death, but as a rule, I don’t see myself looking them up.

The second problem is the codes have been updated over the years so I had to find a copy of the list that matched my death records. This list worked for me for the most part:

Look at the death record. Somewhere near the cause of death there might be some numbers (not all jurisdictions or doctors used them) that you can look up to see the cause of death as defined by the International List of Causes of Death.