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Acerra Castle


Just because it is on the internet, doesn't mean it is free.  We're all guilty of copying stuff, but before you republish, check to see if it is in the public domain or get permission to use it.


Click on the image to go to 61 online State Archives in Italy. They have a searchable data base but you'll probably have to search in the 1,301,164 and counting registries. I found pages that were missing from the FamilySearch online records.

     Don't be intimidated because the site is in Italian.  Google Translate has gotten pretty good and the moderator speaks English.  Post in English and you'll probably get plenty of responses in English. 
     When I write Italy, I generally use both the Google Translate version and then repeat in English.  Most Europeans speak English.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay


     Acerra is where my husband's paternal grandfather's family is from so I do a lot of research in this area. I ended up tracing all the Esposito families because I was finding errors on FamilySearch and Ancestry. The name Esposito was given to almost all foundlings in the Naples area until Napoleon put a stop to it, so there are a lot of unconnected Esposito families.

Click the Link for a good explanation about foundlings.


Photo by Harris & Ewing

The Library of Congress is a treasure trove of sources. 

  • Digitized books that are no longer copyright protected where you can use the search button to look for names or locations in the text. 
  • Prints and Photographs that are not copyright protected.
  • Over 175,000 photos documenting life across the United States between 1935 and 1944.  Remember, anything produced by the Federal Government is in the public domain.
  • Panoramic/Birds-Eye View Maps which are downloadable.
  • Historic Newspapers
  • Slave Narratives
  • Oral History Interviews

Cyndi has compiled more than 337,000 genealogy links.

     " Our latest significant addition to our Irish records includes 10 million Catholic Parish records, which will be free for everyone, forever. "
      FindMyPast is also working to digitize all Catholic Records in Britain and North America but those will only be available to subscribers.


Charles Scribner's Sons map of Italy 1890

Towns in Italy

A website called In Italy used to have all the names of the towns in alphabetical order.  They've removed it from their website but below are the links.  I find the lists very useful when I can make out several letters but not the entire name of the town.